Son collier part two


You know those spring days when it’s not too hot nor too cold? When you’re able to wear a pair of jeans, a jersey or a summer dress? Those are fashion’s favourite kinda days. Those are my favourite kinda days. This dress couldn’t have been more perfect for last Sunday’s weather. When that slight breeze catches a flowy dress. I also thought it was a great opportunity to wear my ‘Francoise Hardy’ necklace.

I’ve recently been following a local South African brand on Facebook called, Lazuli, and was so impressed with their spring/summer range. Because so many of the garments are vintage inspired, and I love to feature local designers, I thought I’d contact them to see if we could shoot product images for the magazine. But when I finally saw the garments in person, touched them, even smelt them, I decided I’d wear them instead. I am, after all, a girl. So the dress I’m wearing above is from Lazuli. What I love is that each garment is one of a kind and that they’re handmade using local fabrics. I’m obsessed with lace and unique textures, and they use some of the finest I’ve ever touched.

I actually had so much fun getting these pictures taken, and realised that playing dress-up is in fact a hobby of mine.

Photographs by my Luke

24 thoughts on “Son collier part two

  1. Hi Nicole, always so great to hear from you. I don’t know how you do it, but you always look unbelievably stunning in your photoshoots, whats the secret…please share. The dress is gorgeous (wow, excited to hear its by an SA brand), it has a beautiful flow to it. the red beads are the perfect accompaniment.

  2. WOW you look amazing! The dress is so stunning and your necklace is beautiful!!
    I agree with Sam you always look amazing in your pictures:) Hope you have a lovely week Nix :)

    p.s: LOVE the car :)

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