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My mom surprised me with a wonderful gift at the weekend. It was a book about the beautiful French singer Françoise Hardy, called “Françoise Hardy par Catherine Rotulo”. I’m such a huge fan of her music as well as her personal style so I’m pretty excited to be adding this to my collection.

As I turned through the pages, a red necklace of Françoise’s jumped out at me. I was so sure that I had a vintage necklace that looked very similar. I rummaged through my vintage closets to find this necklace and then held it against the photograph (see above). It’s identical. (If I had proper lighting while taking the photograph, my necklace would look a bit lighter/more red.) The necklace was given to me by my English grandmother, and she bought it many years ago. This photograph of Françoise was taken in 1973. It’s definitely the same necklace. Maybe from a retail store in Europe? Or my grandmother bought it from a vintage store? And that MAYBE it’s Françoise’s??!! I’m going to believe that it’s hers. Because, why the hell not?

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  1. Françoise Hardy’s style is amazing, she’s one of my style heroines. Plus, that hair! So beautiful!
    I think that’s pretty cool about your necklace, it does look just like the one in the photos, so who knows? :)

  2. Mygosh, It IS the same necklace, the resemblance is uncanny. I hadn’t seen images of Francoise before, she had a very elegant style

  3. What a wonderful gift and discovery from your part. :) I love that photo of her dressed in blue, the midi skirt and boots, so 70s style.

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